New to yoga? This class is where you start. We break it all down, from the postures to the breath and yes, even the mobility. These classes are designed to give you confidence and a solid foundation on which to build and move. Great for seasoned practitioners too.

the FLOW

The perfect pairing of breath and movement. Think of it as “yoga as you know it”. This class will have you exploring all of your ranges of motion as you move around your mat. Poses & vinyasas will have varying options so you can practice in a way that suits your body and mind at any particular moment. This class will leave you balanced and ready for the day. Appropriate for all levels.

the LAB

Our signature class, it drifts from a traditional yoga class to more of an intentional exploration of a theme. The approach is one where each participant can get curious about movement in their own body as it relates not just to yoga but to life off the mat too. Part mobility. Part yoga. All fun. A Yoga Detour informed class. Suitable for everyone.


We’re pairing your CARs routine with a little yoga flow for a “one and done” class. Starting with joint prep and then moving into a short yoga practice, this class tackles the daily mobility stuff and puts it with the yoga you love. Class time varies from 40-60 minutes.


Ashtanga with a twist - this set sequence gets a makeover where we use the poses and breath count of this old practice but mash things up a bit making the approach a bit more accessible and friendly. It’s a great way to connect with breath, body & mind thru a somewhat repetitive sequence. Suitable for all levels.


1 part mobility. 1 part strength training. 1 part yoga. Expertly crafted and coached by an experienced, certified trainer, this class is the perfect blend of 3 modalities. We start with joint prep (mobility). Then we hit the gym floor and train. We finish it off with a yoga class. Safe. Effective. Fun. Great for all levels. Shoes needed.


Whether training for a triathlon or chasing after triplets this is the place to let it all go. Classes will focus on areas typically needing a little extra kindness - hips, shoulders, hamstrings & spine plus things you didn't even know needed some work. As always, we'll be working with breath to calm the nervous system for a full body restoration. Whatever your “sport”, who couldn’t use a little R&R? Great for all levels.


Don’t be fooled by the name - this is NOT stretching but rather strength training for your joints. If yoga is an expression of your flexibility, Kinstretch is an expression of your mobility. This class is a MUST whether you practice yoga or not. We get you into your end ranges and then we train there. This is work but the payoff is huge. Appropriate for all levels.


If you do anything for yourself, this class would be it. Utilizing long-held, passive, and supported postures, along with the breath, to release the deepest of tissue this class will transform you physically and mentally. This class is performed entirely on the floor. Stop all the doing and come and just be. Suitable for all levels.