Basic Etiquette & Guidelines:


  • Arrive early - at least 15 minutes before class starts

  • Introduce yourself to the teacher and other students - we want you to be part of our community

  • Keep your personal items in the lockers outside the room or on the room perimeter

  • Silence your phone and keep it with your personal belongings (unless you MUST have it on your mat - eg: you’re on call, family emergency, diabetic monitoring, etc.)

  • Ask questions of the teacher before or after class - we’re here to help and want you to get the most out of your yoga practice.


  • Arrive later than 5 minutes after class has started - it creates a disruption for the teacher and the practitioners.

  • Hide in the corner - especially if you are newer.  The best place to put your mat is in the middle so you can follow along easily.

  • Eat or drink right before class.  We recommend no food 2 hours before practice and no liquid 45 minutes before but everyone’s different and in time you’ll learn what your body can handle.