Hometown:  Miller Place, NY

Teaching Yoga Since:  2010

 What to expect in your classes:  As a personal trainer, yoga instructor and someone who has been injured WAY too many times, I decided to break away from the typical yoga class sequencing and bring some mobility exploration to what I teach. As an FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist) as well as a Kinstretch instructor, I find that a yoga practice is a great place to introduce practitioners to specific mobility concepts (a phrase I have coined is MoYo – mobility & yoga). I strive to allow practitioners to work on the individual parts of a pose before actually doing the pose.  I find that this approach to sequencing gets clients into postures thoughtfully, safely and with a better understanding of what is required.  Having been an Ashtanga practitioner for years, I realize the importance of breath, and that too is a big focus in my classes.  After all, without the breath what are we really doing?  Finally, I strive to bring a sense of lightheartedness and play to the room so that all levels can feel welcome and find success on their mat.

 Favorite Movie/Book:  Movie:  Pulp Fiction   Book:  The Daily Stoic

 Favorite Food:  Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

 Pet Peeve:  Liars

 Words to live by: “Thoughts become things – choose the good ones” ~Unknown

Fun Fact:  I managed to graduate college Summa Cum Laude even though, as a huge Dead Head I spent a lot of time following them around.