Hometown:  Reston, Virginia

Teaching Yoga Since:  2016

 What to expect in your classes: I came to the mat in 2007 as an avid runner – I was tight and weak and I did not even know it!  As I practiced yoga, I worked with personal trainers and physical therapists developing better body awareness as I grew stronger.  Now, as a teacher, I recognize that everyone has their own “anatomical reality” and I encourage everyone to find their own variation of each posture.   Helping students understand which muscles are activated within a pose and allowing time to experience different sensations in the body are my goals for every class. 

 While I enjoy sequencing vinyasa classes that offer challenge to the practitioner, I am also drawn to the gentler practices of Yin and Restorative yoga.  We live in stressful times and I believe that these practices where we turn inward can help us cultivate peacefulness both on and off the mat.  The practice of yoga has changed me – not just physically, but on spiritual and mental levels as well.  I hope everyone leaves my class feeling more relaxed and comfortable in their own bodies, and maybe even a little inspired.

 Favorite Movie/Book:  the Harry Potter series of books and films

Favorite Food: a Krispy Kreme raspberry jelly filled doughnut

 Pet Peeve:  driving slowly in the fast lane, “optional” use of turn signals – most of my pet peeves are about driving since I spend so much time in my car!

Words to live by: “The quieter you become, the more you can hear” – Ram Dass

 Fun Fact:  I wrote and performed in an off-off Broadway musical with two friends.  I also did cabaret shows in two NYC venues “Don’t Tell Mama’s” and “Rose’s Turn”.