Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Teaching Yoga Since:  2018

What to expect in your classes:  As someone who appreciates how yoga influences the body, I like to break down postures, explaining anatomy, immune response, and the effect it has on our cognition. I bring to my classes a playfulness as well as opportunity, working toward postures or deepening them for others. This stems from a belief that we’re all capable when we’re captivated with purpose. I’m also fascinated with the power of breath on the body, mind and spirit and love to instill this power in my classes. I’m a firm believer that spinal integrity will carry us far, so I invite people to make the practice their own and provide many options to do so.

Favorite Movie/Book:  Movie: Holiday Inn (the black and white version).  For books, I read everything I can get my hands on when it comes to health & wellness so I’ve always got a pile of these books by my bed.

Favorite Food:  Guacamole 

Pet Peeve:   Comparison, when we compare ourselves to others we hold ourselves back.

Words to live by: “Find grace in the movement and gratitude in the stillness.”

Fun Fact: I spent an entire summer cartwheeling everywhere I went (I was 12). Today, I still like a good cartwheel…just not everywhere, ha!