Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Teaching Yoga Since: 2010

What to expect in my classes:  I thrive on variety and love to teach all types of yogis in different class formats. While I enjoy playing with things like arm balances in more advanced classes, I am especially passionate about introducing new yogis to the practice in a way that is fun, non-intimidating and encouraging for everyone.  I believe there is a yoga for EVERY body, and the world would be a better place if we all did some yoga!

In the classroom I like to think my style is welcoming, lighthearted and nurturing.

Behind the scenes this geek spends hours creating classes to include balanced physical elements of strength, cardio, stability, and mobility combined with peace and healing for the mind and spirit. My goals are to keep you safe and feeling better than when you stepped onto your mat. Fair warning, you will probably have to listen to my cackling laughter or an episode of “cabin stories,” but it is my sincere hope that you will leave with a smile, and look forward to returning to your mat again and again.

Favorite Movie:  Death at a Funeral (British version, circa 2007, which is probably the last time I was in a theater)

Favorite Food: anything from Kandi’s Cakes and Bake Shop in Waynesville, NC

Pet Peeve: when my husband uses my yoga talk against me

Words to live by: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Fun Fact: I tried my first yoga class in 1997 and hated every minute of it.  10 years later I was coerced into giving it another go and fell in love.  (Thank you Terri Carr and Eric Quirindongo!)