Ah...the About Us page. For starters let’s talk about what we’re not…

Are we the biggest? Definitely not. Our class sizes allow for students to be comfortably spaced and receive individual guidance.

Are we the most popular? Nope. And that’s ok with us. It’s more important to us that we stay true to what we do, invite everyone to be a part of our community and then let clients decide for themselves. We subscribe to the idea of casting a strong net - not a wide one.

Are we the best? Well, that’s subjective but here is a place where we truly strive. As teachers we are also life-long students. Continually learning. Constantly honing our craft. We’ll let you decide if we’re the best but rest assured this is the one area where we will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Our mission at The Yoga Lab is to create a community of people originally brought together through yoga but solidified by a common goal of kindness and compassion. We understand that each of us comes from a very unique background and have very different life experiences. We accept each other as we are, and are more concerned with how yoga can improve our lives rather than how fancy someone’s pose is. We treat each other with respect and courtesy and operate from the standpoint of never knowing what battle someone is fighting.

The collective experiences of our teachers with sickness, loss, injury and joy enhance our ability to be there for our clients when a path becomes uncertain or when there’s celebrating to be done.

With 99% of our instructors each having 10+ years experience, our teachers, while diverse in lineage, have been at this for some time. For most of us it is all we do - teach yoga. For some of us, we also study the science of movement, various forms of weight training as well as mobility work. What that means for you is a comprehensive experience on your mat. An experience that truly joins your mobility, flexibility, breath, mind and heart.

We realize that there is A LOT of yoga out there from traditional styles all the way to yoga with goats. At The Yoga Lab, we’re about YOU. Your body on any given day. Your mind at that point in time. Your breath as it moves within you. No gimmicks - just classes based on both sound yogic and scientific principles.

WELCOME and we’re looking forward to meeting you!