Let’s experiment…

It’s time to approach your yoga practice with a little more curiosity. The Yoga Lab is an exploration of YOUR movement, YOUR breath - YOUR potential.

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Welcome to our community!

At The Yoga Lab we believe that healthy human movement is critical to overall well-being and a positive experience on the mat. That’s why many of our classes have mobility drills woven in - to help you get into postures safely and with awareness. However, it’s not just enough to throw some postures and mobility together. There has to be a purpose; a reason as to WHY. And that’s where our experience and training comes in.

We know that your breath, when done with intent, can release new possibilities as it relates to moving in a pain free way. This is why we spend time helping you cultivate a strong connection to it, observing it, learning how to change it, understanding how it can support you. Just as we train our bodies, we also learn how to train our breath.

Finally, we understand that your approach to your yoga practice, both mentally and physically, can be different from day to day. We honor that at The Yoga Lab by holding space for you, the practitioner, to move at a pace and a level that is appropriate for you each time you arrive on your mat.

Our cumulative years of experience as yoga and movement teachers continues to evolve and grow as we remain lifelong students just like you. We’re excited to share with you our knowledge and unique perspective on yoga; to guide you and grow with you on your journey - but we recognize that you don’t care how much we know - until you know how much we care, and that we do!